• Technically: It is a wearable, personal, refillable, clip-on, hand sanitizer gel dispenser. When clipped-on, it can be pumped from any position or angle with a single, one-hand pumping motion.
  • Practically: It is a an ultra-convenient product that offers sanitizer gel at the ready when you are at work or play. It is always with you.

In our everyday lives, we are constantly exposed to pathogens including viruses like Covid19 from high touch surfaces. When we are on the go, we can’t always wash our hands and sanitizer may not be easily accessible.  This leads to us delaying hand cleaning with a higher chance of further spreading pathogens to surfaces or even ourselves.

GelCLIP offers a solution to this problem by offering hand sanitizer clipped on, close by, ready to go. The one-hand pump motion instantly puts sanitizer into the palm of your hand – on the move, without skipping a beat.

GelCLIP is filled with your preferred sanitizer. This means no more using in-store sanitizers that can leave your hands feeling slimy and heavily scented. With GelCLIP you use your own chosen hand sanitizer no matter where you go.

GelCLIP conveniently clips to your waistband, belt, pocket, purse, or backpack so it is always close at hand.

It is super comfortable and lightweight weighing only 2oz.(57g) when full. Its low-profile, streamlined design keeps it out of the way while you are sitting, standing, or are physically active.

GelCLIP dispenses approximately 0.4ml of gel with each pump-action giving you up to 35 uses between refills. It was designed with a clear bottle which allows you to know when you need to refill.

GelCLIP will pump from any angle or position using a specialized, airless vacuum pump which does not require a ‘dip tube’.  Fun fact!> this means the GelCLIP will even work underwater or in outer space!