How to get the most out of your new GelCLIP"

  • It is a convenience item that keeps hand sanitizer available to you instantly at work, shopping or at play. It works by conveniently dispensing gel into your fingers with a single-hand pumping motion.It attaches securely to your waistband, pocket, handbag, belt, or backpack.

    Fill GelCLIP with your preferred hand sanitizer. No more mystery chemicals from random dispensers that can leave your hands feeling slimy or scented.

    It’s unique design is comfortable and lightweight at only 2oz (56g) when full. It is streamlined, low-profile and not noticeable while sitting, standing or physically active.

    GelCLIP will pump from any angle or position because of a specialized, airless, vacuum pump that does not require a ‘dip tube’. Fun fact: it works upside down, under water and even in outer space!

    GelCLIP dispenses 0.4ml of gel from its 15ml bottle providing up to 35 uses. The bottle is clear, so you know when to refill it.

We are constantly exposed to pathogens from high-touch surfaces and we cannot always wash our hands. With an instant, single-hand pump motion, gel will keep your hands sanitized and you moving.