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Sandi Nurmi

Met Mary in Costco parking lot Commented on her neat hand sanitizer dispenser clipped to her purse. She told me all about your invention, then gave me hers!! I am telling everyone about them and posted it on FB It is a great invention and I will be purchasing some Thank you

Elizabeth Lang

I love my new gelclip! I am a newborn photographer and I am constantly cleaning my hands whenever I change props and in between posing babies. Gelclips are the perfect way to quickly and easily sanitize so I can make sure my hands are ALWAYS germ free when I hold tiny babies. This is now a staple in my photography supplies kit!


Super handy! It's very reassuring to have something always available so I don't have to worry about hunting for sanitizer when I'm out and about.


It's AWESOME to always have gel sanitizer with me when I need it.  I LOVE the clip-on convenience!  Already addicted  .... I don't go anywhere without it!

Stephen Jackson

Love this thing! I just forget its there and wear it all day. Especially great when I used to forget sanitizer when I run into a store or something. All my friends have them now!