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Super handy! It's very reassuring to have something always available so I don't have to worry about hunting for sanitizer when I'm out and about.


It's AWESOME to always have gel sanitizer with me when I need it.  I LOVE the clip-on convenience!  Already addicted  .... I don't go anywhere without it!

Stephen Jackson

Love this thing! I just forget its there and wear it all day. Especially great when I used to forget sanitizer when I run into a store or something. All my friends have them now!

Mike A

Love my new GelClip. Lately, some banks and various stores seem to be always out of hand Sanitizer (drives me crazy). With my gelclip, I alway have it and can use it with one hand. So cool that the airless pump also works upside down. My stocking stuffer for this year!! Well done.


Such a clever design! I love the convenience and safety of having it clipped to the outside of my purse. It’s so great being able to sanitize my hands quickly and easily before touching my phone or wallet to pay for groceries. It’s sturdy, works perfectly and has enough space to last a while before refilling. Highly recommend it!